Who We Are

Association “European Spaces 21” was established in 1999. In 2003 it was registered in the public interest. The Association develop activities in the field of people, society, media, art. Our main goal is to develop the free exchange of information, ideas, knowledge and experience through modern information technologies; to encourage citizens to actively participate in making informed decisions; to use public space for positive dialogue leading to Bulgaria’s integration in the European Union; to motivate young people to engage with arts and culture.

Special profile in our work are the meetings and activities with young people. Working to protect, preserve and promote cultural heritage, using modern means of digitization. We are convinced that the digitization of cultural heritage is a necessary step for storing and sharing of multicultural values ​​of the 21st century, in harmony with global trends for sharing knowledge and culture without borders. We work with the understanding of how important it is to keep the cultural landscapes in line with sustainable development, preservation of local identities in the European context and the use of culture as a resource for local development. We work in long-term partnership with the Regional History Museum – Rousse, create and implement joint projects in the context of culture, heritage and tourism.

We have experience in project creation, implementation and management, reporting and sustainability. Work in conditions of transparency and accountability to the public and donors. We are able to mobilize resources from the public sector, foreign organizations and institutions, private donors and cultural operators.