Anguish and Salvation Project presented to media and young people

Rousse, Bulgaria, 29.01.2015 European Spaces 21 Association presented the project Anguish and Salvation. The memory of Anguish and Salvation. The Remembrance of the Jewish Communities – a Guarantee against Hatred in Society, funded within the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.

The project aims to contribute for reducing racism, xenophobia and hate speech through preservation of the local cultural memory, involving young people. This explained Tsveta Nenova, project coordinator, president of EU Spaces 21 Association.

Tsveta Nenova, Dimitar Lipovanski, Dessislava Tiholova from the project team

Tsveta Nenova, Dimitar Lipovanski, Dessislava Tiholova from the project team

In front of the media...

In front of the media…

Future Essay Competition Participants

Future Essay Competition Participants

The topic of the Holocaust is a test for any society. The language of hatred and xenophobia, populism and fuzzy values are increasing today in Bulgaria. All project activities are designed to enhance young people to re-think the Holocaust topic through the prism of tolerance and anti-hatred – this is the core of the project.

The project provides an ethnological study amongst the Jewish communities. The author of the methodology is Prof. Dr. Nikolay Nenov- one of the recognized Bulgarian ethnologists, who discovers and works under the so called Bulgarian Urban Model. This project is a part of the long-term Rousse Regional Museum’s programme for local communities’ exploration; to contribute to the process of the Big History shaping through the intimate human stories. This explained Dessislava Tiholova – a part of the team, including also ethnologists from Shumen and Varna museums. The study is held by audiovisual experts, explained Dimitar Lipovanski, member of the team, director and cameraman of film documentaries and museum’ exhibitions content.

The everyday life of the Jewish communities in Bulgaria during XX century is the scope of the study. The collected materials are digitized and form a base for creation of mobile exhibition in the museums of Shumen, Rousse and Varna; a book; discussions; educational module and essay competition.

300 students and 100 teachers from high schools in Northern Bulgaria, 100 representatives of Jewish communities, museums’ experts and museums’ visitors will profit from the project.

The regional museums in Rousse, Shumen and Varna are the project partners. They shall host the mobile exhibition, the discussions, the educational module, they’ll facilitate the ethnology study.

Based in Rousse, EU Spaces 21 Association works from 1999, registered as NGO in public benefit. Its activities and projects are connected with people, society, media and arts. EU Spaces 21 Association’s projects are focused on the Local Memory collection, preservation and valorization.

The total budget of the project is EUR 32 362,38, duration is 14 months, the final is expected in February 2016.