30 interviews with Jewish communities From Northern Bulgaria already online

30 interviews with representatives of Jewish communities from Rousse, Shumen and Varna are already posted online at www.pametta.com. This is the site of the project “Anguish and Salvation. The memory of Jewish communities – a guarantee against hatred in society”. The interviews were conducted during a field research project, released by “European Spaces 21” Association, with the active cooperation of the regional history museums in Rousse, Shumen and Varna.

STRADANIE I SPASENIE - youtube screen res

The heroes tell their own stories, which contribute to the construction of History with a capital “H”. They are conducted through urban communities study methodology, created by Prof. Dr. Nikolay Nenov. In their video version, the interviews are uploaded unedited, as happened respective stories. In addition the site www.pametta.com, the interviews can be viewed on Youtube channel Страдание и спасение. We welcome your opinions and commentaries in Facebook at Страдание и спасение / Anguish & Salvation

The information collected during the field research becomes a basis for scientific collection book and traveling exhibition, which premieres are this autumn ahead. An educational module for students and an essay contest are forthcoming too.